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I seem to be sensitised to pebbles – a few years ago I picked one up and started a gentle, personal muse – and now I notice them everywhere! Not just on paths and beaches, but in furniture designs, fabric designs, pavement mosaics, in poetry and prose; built into natural sculptures, featured in paintings and celebrated in beautiful photographs. They seem to provoke curiosity, collect memories, trigger investigations, create meditations. They seem solid, enduring, entrancing, an easy palm-sized connection with planet earth and its ancient history.

So my own pebble muse has gradually crescendo-ed: I have a brand new fascination with geology, a thirst for topographical maps and bedrock diagrams, and renewed energy to explore further, walk further: I find new-to-me dales, hidden dales, remote and almost-inaccessible dales. And I even see familiar dales with new eyes.

I am finding profound, exciting answers to my many questions of why this contour? How that moor shape? Why that erosion? Watersheds, confluences, earthquakes and giant faults and folds, all fabulous stuff for my compositions. From small pebbles to huge sweeps of moorland – so many stories connect them all. New discussions, new conversations, a deeper understanding for me along with a very healthy reminder to revere our precious land.

I hope each of my newest landscape paintings might start a new story; its hidden pebble shape enticing the viewer to stop and ponder: What does she see? What does he muse?

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